New Building Commissioning
Owner Project Requirement Documentation

Work closely with the ownership team to develop documentation to guide the design team in the sustainability goals, energy efficiencies, occupancies and the long term operational needs of the facility.

Basis Of Design Documentation

Review and augment the design team’s efforts to document developing designs for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing system for a facility. This documentation typically includes design criteria, systems capacities, redundancies and reliability features of the systems to be designed.

Sustainable Design Commissioning
  • USGBC LEED Enhanced Commissioning
    Perform fundamental commissioning services for the pre-requisite USGBC requirement. Services include the development, coordination and implementation of a Commissioning Plan. The Plan includes the commissioning of mechanical, electrical and water usages systems, construction inspections, pre-functional testing, functional testing, training oversight and operational handovers.
  • USGBC Fundamental Commissioning
    Perform enhanced commissioning services as an independent third party firm. Services include design peer reviews, equipment submittal reviews, commissioning process oversight, final project manual development and warranty operational reviews.
Engineering Design Peer Reviews

Provide detailed and focused reviews of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low voltage system designs. Physical aspects, system efficiencies, maintainability and reliability are some of the key issues reviewed.

Operator Handover and Training

Work with the contractors during the completion of the project to ensure a smooth transition from construction to operation. Augment any vendor training to aid the new operations team in the proper use and operation of the new systems. Provide guidance and insight as to the concepts in use and how to sustain long term operational efficiencies.