USGBC LEED O+M Commissioning

Providing commissioning services related to the USGBC LEED Prerequisites including:

  • Conduct an energy audit that meets both the requirements of the ASHRAE preliminary energy use analysis and an ASHRAE Level 1 walk-through assessment identified in the ASHRAE Procedures for
    Commercial Building Energy Audits or equivalent. Projects in Europe may use the energy audit procedure defined in EN 16247-2:2014.
  • Prepare and maintain a current facilities requirements and operations and maintenance plan that contains the information necessary to operate the project efficiently. The plan must include the following:
    • a current sequence of operations for the building
    • the project occupancy schedule
    • equipment run-time schedules
    • setpoints for all HVAC equipment
    • setpoints for lighting levels throughout the project
    • minimum outside air requirements
    • any changes in schedules or setpoints for different seasons, days of the week, and times of day
    • a systems narrative describing the mechanical and electrical systems and equipment in the project
    • a preventive maintenance plan for equipment described in the systems narrative.
Operational Evaluations and Trouble Shooting

Provide on-site operational evaluations and troubleshooting services for problem areas. Create alternative operations or solutions and guide the client through a satisfactory implementation of corrective measures.

Operator Training

Provide operational and system design concept training to the maintenance staff, operational staff and management positions. Training includes all aspects of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and low voltage building systems.