Measurement and Verification
USGBC LEED Enhanced Commissioning (Option 1, Path 2)

Provide commissioning services related to the potential USGBC LEED EA-5 Credits including:

  • M&V Commissioning Plan: Working with the design team, develop a cost effective means of monitoring the energy and water consuming features of a project following IPMVP protocols.  Prepare the plan for the team review and initial cost impacts.  Develop the procedures and measurement points for inclusion in the commissioning plan and Construction Documents.  A typical Plan will address the following:
    • roles and responsibilities
    • measurement requirements (meters, points, metering systems, data access)
    • the points to be tracked, with frequency and duration for trend monitoring
    • the limits of acceptable values for tracked points and metered values (where appropriate, predictive algorithms may be used to compare ideal values with actual values)
    • the elements used to evaluate performance, including conflict between systems, out-of-sequence operation of systems components, and energy and water usage profiles
    • an action plan for identifying and correcting operational errors and deficiencies
    • training to prevent errors
    • planning for repairs needed to maintain performance
    • the frequency of analyses in the first year of occupancy
  • Design Coordination: Working with the Team verify inclusion of all devices and equipment necessary to meet  the  requirements of the MBCx Plan in the Construction Documents by the design team.
  • Construction Phase: During the construction phase, perform the following:
    • Commission and verify calibration of the MBCx related equipment and devices
    • Update the Systems Manual with any modifications or new settings based on the MBCx effort and provide purpose for each modification from the original design
    • Finalize the Monitoring Based Commissioning Plan.