Cloud Based Commissioning Management & Reporting

Cogent utilizes CxAlloy TQ cloud based commissioning software which provides real-time status visibility and automatic notifications to keep everyone on the same page.  Tracking and monitoring deficiencies is one of the most defining tasks of any commissioning project. CxAlloy Total Quality (TQ) was designed with checks and balances designed into its functionality. The project team and Owner’s representatives are designated with access to all commissioning records and documented issues for the project. Each project has a customized database for functional test results, commissioning plans, site observations, equipment information, and other project data that can be accessed from any Internet location in the world. This data can be downloaded into an existing facility maintenance program or can be maintained as a lifecycle maintenance tool for the life of the facility. The functional test archives and facility information can provide the basis for continuous commissioning of each facility.

Benefits of using the CxAlloy platform include:

  • Training: Cogent team members provide training and orientation to the construction team.
  • On-line Collaboration: All data is available 24/7 to any registered team member.
  • Standard Reporting: Provide a common report platform for all project users.
  • Project Analytics: Quickly provides analytics on statuses of all phases of work related to a project.
  • Facility Management:  Allow the facility management team to continue the use of the cloud based system.