Patrick Valt, QCxP

Patrick Valt is a Lead Project Commissioning Agent at Cogent Commissioning and is responsible for coordinating project flow, scheduling, functional testing, project reporting, and project quality control.  Patrick has over 15 years in the systems commissioning industry.

Patrick has extensive knowledge in mechanical systems start-up and operation as well as in project management. With his technical knowledge of such systems, he can accurately and professionally create test scripts that fully verify the operating parameters of today’s complex systems as well as complete functional testing of many different systems. His extensive experience in the construction project management field has provided the understanding necessary to manage the commissioning process in such a manner that it does not hinder the project schedule.

Patrick was an HVAC Start-up and Warranty Technician at MLN Co. His responsibilities there included performing start-up of equipment, providing commissioning support, warranty service, and preventative and diagnostic service of HVAC equipment.

Training and Certifications
  • United Association BTJ Pipefitter, Service Technician
  • University of Wisconsin – QCxP, Qualified Cx Provider